initiates promotional items program for helping children in India

Promotional items have always been the cornerstone of doing business and connecting with important clients and customers. Promo items are loved by everyone and 50% of users confess they are using promotional items in their daily activities. Now there is even more reason to choose promo items to promote because they also bring a lot of good to society as the Institute for Resource Management and Economic Development ( initiates promotional items program for helping children in India. is a non profit organization and its program in promo products will help Indian children get opportunities they may be deprived of at the moment. This is a great move that combines business with a good cause and may be a great incentives for people to buy these products since they know the proceeds are going to a charity. This has been done in the past and the results are usually great because the promotional products not only send out a commercial message about the company and promote it further but also help people make a difference by allowing the money to be donated for a good cause.

Free educational program for children in India

Special educational program was designed with the help of in order to prevent your children from bad habits, including smoking and alcohol drinking. As these issues has become relevant for children India.

Alternative medicine methods for infantile autism treatment

Don’t give up if your child is ill. Years ago autism was considered to be incurable disease, but now everything has changed. On Healjourney informational resource you can find free information about alternative methods for infantile autism treatment and successful recovery stories.

Power Touch Yoga sessions for kids and their parents

Yoga is a unique method to restore your kids’ physical and mental health. Visit yoga group sessions with Swami Abhayanand - leading guru from to get unforgettable experience.


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