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Institute for Resource Management and Economic Development ( has emerged as a leading centre for knowledge generation and dissemation on resource management issues in India as well as South Asia. is an innovative institute conducting research and education in the relatively neglected fields of socio-economic and institutional aspects of development and management of water, land, forests and related resources on the one hand and women studies on the other. treats such issues as extremely vital for the welfare of India's people as well as for raising the country's competitive position and social image in global system.'s major strengths lie in the flexibility, speed, and efficiency of execution of its projects, its established credibility, and its objectivity in analysis and recommendations. It has a credible record of conducting a large number of high quality policy oriented studies, important seminars, conferences and policy dialogues and highly useful training programmes for senior government officers. Having considerable interaction with government departments, leading NGOs and international agencies, and having established its reputation as an independent think tank, is in an ideal position to aid and influence policy formulation, a task which it has been already performing with competence. Given its track record, is destined to forge ahead in serving the nation with still greater vigour and enthusiasm. aspires for a society where basic resources like land, water, forests, energy, manpower etc. are utilized in the most efficient and equitable manner specially serving the intrest of the poor while at the same time, promoting environmental sustainability. It is my earnest hope that the scales up its level of activities and continues to serve the nation for decades to come. I also hope that it continues to pursue its mission with renewed vigour to realize the noble vision that it has set before itself.


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