Chair, Gender Studies

Since 1975, issues affecting women, including concerns of equity and gender parity, have moved from incremental welfare orientation to participation, democratization, sharing of power and dismantling of patriarchal mind sets. Earlier, provision of welfare services for women was considered adequate for making allocations in the plans of development, and discussions veered around “women and development”, and “women in development”. Subsequently, questions of participation, gender development and empowerment began to occupy a prominent place which challenged patriarchy in its varied forms. Growing demand for participation and empowerment of women thus compelled planners and policy makers to re-evaluate national agenda, policies, laws, programmes and social practices from a gender development and human rights perspective. The feminist movement and political mobilization of women also played a major role in sensitizing establishments to gender concerns in formulating policies, allocating resources, and implementing programmes.

The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi, in addition to its various welfare programmes for women, took an innovative step for gender development through its Bhagidari (Partnership) initiative. As part of the Bhagidari between the Government and civil society organizations, Stree-Shakti camps have been organized, and gender resource centres (GRCs) have been established.

Added to these initiatives is also the creation of a Chair on Gender Studies at the Institute for Resource Management and Economic Development, Delhi with effect from July 23 2007. This Chair is expected to “evaluate the schemes of social welfare with special reference to women’s empowerment” so that the effects of state-sponsored programmes are known and corrective actions, if any, are taken to ensure intended outcomes. For this purpose, the Chair takes up studies and carries out surveys, holds seminars/workshops/focus group discussions and interacts with policy makers, administrators, autonomous bodies local women leaders, NGOs and civil society institutions.

In consultation with the Department of Social Welfare, the Chair has worked out its research priorities for the first phase as follows: (1) Evaluation of Stree-Shakti and GRCs and (2) Gender-based Analysis of Budgets. The Chair completed the evaluation of Stree-Shakti Camps and GRCs and submitted the final report in May 2008. Thereafter based on the priority as decided by the Department of Women and Child Development in consultation with the Chair, six departments of Government of NCT of Delhi, namely, Education, Labour and Employment, Women and Child Development, Social Welfare, SC/ST/OBC and Health were selected for undertaking Gender Budget Analysis. The Chair completed the Gender Budget Analysis and submitted the reports for Education Department in February, 2009, for Labour and Employment Department in April 2009 and for Women and Child Development Department in August, 2009. Similar reports for the three other departments of Government of NCT of Delhi are under preparation as in 2009. The Stuff of works with the latest version of investment software

The team of the Chair is interdisciplinary and it is being assisted by an Advisory Committee, consisting of academicians and a representative of the Directorate of Women and Child Development of the Government of NCT of Delhi for effective coordination of its work. Prof. R.R. Singh has been functioning as the Chair while Shri K.K. Singh is working as Senior Fellow. They are assisted by a team of research staff.

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Any assistance to the Chair in terms of ideas, source materials, reports etc. to complete its tasks would be duly acknowledged.


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