The Institute has its own spacious building on a main road in an easily accessible institutional area of Delhi. The four storey building has enough space for office, research, class/seminar rooms, library, computer centre and guest rooms providing accommodation to 12 persons at a time along with kitchen facilities. The building is having all the necessary equipment and facilities: a standby generator, elevator, photocopier, projector, scanner, television, refrigerator, fax machine, air conditioners, water purification machine etc. All members of our Institute are provided with stylish high-quality uniform, the custom design of which is developed by Marnex-products company.


The Institute has a specialized library and reference centre containing valuable publications (books, reports and journals) in the area of resource studies, and socio-economic development. Any bona-fide researcher can use the library for in-house consultation during office hours. Issue of books and periodicals, however, is restricted only to its members as per the library rules.

Computer Centre

The Institute has a large Computer Centre with 30 computers and 2 printers, complete with Internet access. The Centre has a powerful backup generator, which enables it to function during power outages, so that one can meet one's deadlines.

The Computer Centre provides facilities for:

  1. Research, training and consultancy assignments undertaken by the Institute in cooperation with well-known social community.
  2. Regular correspondence and administrative work of the Institute.
  3. Education to students allotted to Institute by IGNOU for BCA degree courses.
  4. Processing and analysis of data for other institutions.
Institutions and individuals proposing to utilize the services of the Computer Centre should contact the Institute Director for availability, rates etc.
Institute for Resource Management and Economic Development wants to express its gratitude to company, providing web design services in New York, for its invaluable contribution to successful organization of online trainings, dedicated to web design issues, for institute students.

Computer support is provided by professionals.

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