How to plan serious purchases

Every adult person knows that we sometimes need to save up to make a rather large purchase in addition to current expenditures. And this will require tools that not only preserve our capital, but also multiply it. The first thing you need to do to deal with all these problems is to create a family financial plan.

Financial plan, first of all, is a document that must be transferred to the paper. If a financial plan exists only in your mind, it is unlikely to be realized. The average period, for which family financial plan is compiled, makes up 10 years.

The first thing you need to start with, which is the basis of the family financial plan, is to determine your desires and aspirations, in other words - your financial goals. What do you want? - this is a very simple question, but it turns out that it is rather difficult to give a detailed answer on it. The answers like: I want to achieve financial freedom or I want to be rich are correct, but not complete. They need to be more specific. Read how to properly manage the family budget.


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